Title: Plumber Qualifications: 1.

High school diploma, or equivalent.


Successful experience in the plumbing trade on institutional jobs, including testing and repair of backflow devices.


Backflow prevention certification required within six (6) months of appointment to the position.


Successful completion of a vocational/technical program or apprenticeship training program in the plumbing trade (Preferred).


Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups, and effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.


Valid Florida driver’s license.

Performance Responsibilities: Essential Functions: 1.

Installs, maintains and repairs valves, traps, sinks, urinals, commodes, lavatories, cafeteria equipment, sewers, vents and other sanitary fixtures.


Installs and maintains heating systems, repairs boilers and water heaters.


Unclogs sewer systems, cuts openings in floors, or ceilings to repair leaking pipes or equipment.

Performance Effectiveness Criteria: In addition to the employee being responsible for each of the performance responsibilities listed herein, annual progress will be assessed with respect to support and achievement of the District Strategic Plan and associated applicable scorecards.

Capable of lifting/carrying 100 lbs.; considerable physical activity required.

Additional Job Functions: 1.

Follows adopted policies and procedures in accordance with School Board priorities.


Conducts oneself in the best interest of students, in accordance with the highest traditions of public education and in support of the District’s Mission Statement.


Performs other duties as assigned.