CDL Instructor

Must have 4 years of Commercial Truck Driving Experience

Class A only

CDL instructors must be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma or GED

Must have Clean driving record is essential

Must be flexible and available to teach classroom, online, and backing pad training.

Able to maintain professionalism and patience with students at all times

Must be able to get along well with others(TeamPlayer)

Must be a citizen of the United States or be lawfully present in the United States, and be a resident of the State of Louisiana

Hold a valid Louisiana driver’s license

Current DOT Medical Card

Job Requirements:

  • Teach (insert subject) courses
  • Teaching and providing with the tools necessary to be the safest driver on the road
  • Operate in a manner and condition consistent with regulations as outlined in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations CFR Part
  • Set up hoses, pumps, and pressure washers
  • Submit assigned grading and attendance documentation on deadline
  • Assume responsibility for the inspection and proper working conditions of tools, truck, and other work equipment
  • Participate in maximum benefit Evaluation of Student Progress (ESP) panels and write student progress evaluations and special staffing
  • Teach Driver Education daytime classes during the school
  • Perform such duties and assume such other responsibilities as may be required to accomplish the essential job functions as directed by the Director
  • Provide instruction including classroom, behind the wheel, yard, observation
  • Maintain classroom environment (behavior and surroundings)
  • Lower to the ground with lines
  • Maintain accurate records, timesheets and reports related to the performance of the crew operation
  • Adopted a constant and intentional focus on safety, ensuring continuously train, proactively engage all and utilize all available technology to provide the safest environment
  • Providing instruction behind the wheel